Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Upon entering a peaceful field, golden in the sunlight and waving in the breeze:

I am home. My soul cries out when I am here. It belongs to this place. As I sit in this field of grass, now gold in color by the long days of brilliant sunshine, the only sounds I hear are the sweet chirping of birds, the hum of a passing bee and swaying and popping of the grass. It sounds like popcorn all around me. The heat of the sun, making them burst forth. I smile as my soul bursts as well. Why am I so drawn to fields like this? The golding sea of swaying grass that is almost my height. The breeze that gives them waves, surrounded on all sides by lush trees become the walls to my world. A barn off in the distance that is older than I ever hope to be. Maybe it's the stability - of standing the years so beautifully? Or maybe it's the protection from the outside world? Oh, how I want to run in a long, flowing white dress through this field. I want to race on a chestnut horse. I want to lay bear, feeling the sun beaming down on my skin. I want to swim through these pastures. My soul, I will find here.

I think I love these fields so much because my emotions and mind are not kept so busy by everything else around me. Once I leave these fields and travel into the forests, my mind's eye cannot stop looking, searching, looking, looking!! So that I can stop and hear it speak.


mme. bookling said...

ah nature, how i need your embrace.

lovely dear, just lovely.

Iscah Mara said...

ah,to be laid bare. to feel warm, safe and at ease whilst meeting your heart's contentment. beautifully espoused, darling.