Friday, September 5, 2008

Heart Matters

Little bird, I envy your flight.
So free, so light.
Flying anywhere you please.

Little tree, I envy your rigidity.
So resilient.
Your branch breaks and you grow back.
You grow stronger.

My heart aches and wants nothing more than understanding.
Oh, for it to be wrapped up and protected.
To make its own cocoon.
Nurtured, tended to like a new garden.

That it may blossom, spread its beautiful
big wings and be lovely.

Oh, temper. That you may set sail
and leave my shore.
Let you be no more than a distant
silhouette on the horizon.

Soul, where is your resiliency?
You demand more than you are offered,
taking more than asked.
Leaving no room in you for otherness.

Betrothed to this soul I could not choose
Bestowed a heart I could not protect.
Given a well that my eyes cannot contain.

My branches are broken
my wings are torn.

How I wish to fly and grow again.

1 comment:

mme. bookling said...

this is really beautiful and really aware. i love these things about you.